Prohibition the Importing Pesticides

Description This measure (Notification No. 1/2013) provides for the prohibition the import of pesticides. The listed pesticide in the Notification No. 1/2013 is banned to use in the territory of Myanmar because they are very high in hazardous to the human and environment. Those pesticides are not allowed to import, formulate, produce, sell and use by any government agencies, private agencies for any reasons. The objective is to prevent the human life and environment.
Comments Notification No. 1/2013 is issued by the Registration Board. This measure may be changed according to the country’s economic condition.
Agency Department of Agriculture
Export/Import Export
Validity From 2013-06-17
Validity To Until it is cancelled by the responsible agency.
Reference Notification No. 1/2013 Banned Pesticide List
Technical Code B11
UN Code B11 - Prohibition
Updated At 2018-09-11 10:55:24

Name Description Category

This measure applies to the following commodities.

HS Code Description
2620600000 - Containing arsenic, mercury, thallium or their mixtures, of a kind used for the extraction of arsenic or those metals or for the manufacture of their chemical compounds
2804800000 - Arsenic
2811191000 - - - Arsenic acid
2852101000 - - Mercury sulphates
2852102000 - - Mercury compounds of a kind used as luminophores
2852109000 - - Other
2852901000 - - Mercury tannates, not chemically defined
2852902000 - - Mercury sulphides; mercury polysulphides; mercury polyphosphates; mercury carbides; heterocyclic mercury compounds of subheading 2934.99.90; mercury peptone
2903150000 - - Ethylene dichloride (ISO) (1,2-dichloroethane)
2903310000 - - Ethylene dibromide (ISO) (1,2-dibromoethane)
2903810000 - - 1,2,3,4,5,6-Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH (ISO)), including lindane (ISO, INN)
2903820000 - - Aldrin (ISO), chlordane (ISO) and heptachlor (ISO)
2903830000 - - Mirex (ISO)
2908110000 - - Pentachlorophenol (ISO)
2908910000 - - Dinoseb (ISO) and its salts