Authorization Requirement for Importing Ozone Depleting Substances

Description This measure (Chapter 2, Article 3) provides for the authorization requirement for the importing products. Any person or organization who wishes to import the ozone depleting substance or designed product for use of ozone depleting substance shall apply for the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry in accord with stipulations for the necessary endorsement. The objectives are to reclaim ecosystems as may be possible which are starting to degenerate and disappear, to enable to manage and implement for decrease and loss of natural resources and for enabling the sustainable use beneficially.
Comments Notification No. 37/2014 is issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation. This measure may be changed by the country’s condition.
Agency Department of Agriculture
Export/Import Import
Validity From 2014-04-25
Validity To Until it is cancelled by the responsible agency.
Reference Environmental Conservation Law 2012
Technical Code
UN Code B14 - Authorization requirement for importing certain products
Updated At 2018-07-14 17:09:52

Legal Documents
Name Category
Notification No.37/2014 (Ozone Depleting Substances) Notification
Name Description Category
Import Endorsement and Operating Business Relating to the Ozone Depleting Substances Obtaining import endorsement and operating business relating to the ozone depleting substances from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation. Import

This measure applies to the following commodities.

HS Code Description
2903191000 - - - 1,2 – Dichloropropane (propylene dichloride) and dichlorobutanes
2903199000 - - - Other
2903399000 - - - Other
2903710000 - - Chlorodifluoromethane
2903720000 - - Dichlorotrifluoroethanes
2903730000 - - Dichlorofluoroethanes
2903740000 - - Chlorodifluoroethanes
2903750000 - - Dichloropentafluoropropanes
2903760000 - - Bromochlorodifluoromethane, bromotrifluoromethane and dibromotetrafluoroethanes
2903790000 - - Other
2904100000 - Derivatives containing only sulpho groups, their salts and ethyl esters
3814000000 Organic composite solvents and thinners, not elsewhere specified or included; prepared paint or varnish removers.
3824711000 - - - Transformer and circuit breaker oils, containing by weight less than 70% or of petroleum oils or of oils obtained from bituminous minerals
3824719000 - - - Other
3824720000 - - Containing bromochlorodifluoromethane, bromotrifluoromethane or dibromotetrafluoroethanes