Notification No.8/2021 concerning the Importation of Reconditioned machine

1. The Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, machine in exercising the power conferred under sub-section (b) of Section 13 of the Export and Import Law, issued the Notification No. 8/2021 concerning the Importation of Reconditioned. In accordance with the Notification No.93/2015 concerning the “Myanmar Export-Import Procedures 2015” issued by the Ministry of Commerce, the importation of reconditioned machine has been allowed since 2015 to assist the establishment of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), including production and manufacturing Enterprises, and to help them save the initial investment cost.

2. With a view to protect the environment and avoid the compilation of the useless machines and to encourage the productivity, the importers of the reconditioned machine are required to comply with the following requirements;

(a) The imported Reconditioned machine must be useful for the production process of SMEs

(b) Some parts and portions of the imported Reconditioned machine must be refurbished, and replaced to be in the operational condition

(c) The imported reconditioned machine must be operational until next (10) years after importation. In addition, the spare parts of the imported reconditioned machines must be available in the local market.

(d) The seller’s warranty shall be provided/submitted to guarantee that their reconditioned machines would be durable and usable until next 10 years in terms of technological aspects

(e) Regarding the running condition of the imported reconditioned machine, pre-shipment inspection by a surveyor in the exporting country shall be provided at least six months prior to the arrival of the product in Myanmar. This inspection must be proven by a pre-shipment inspection certificate.

3.The following items, which are not covered by the requirements/ specifications prescribed for the importation of the reconditioned machine, are not allowed to be imported into Myanmar;

(a) Home Appliances and office machines that are not directly related to the manufacturing/ production process such as Refrigerator, air-condition, washing machine, copier, printer, TV, computer

(b) Reconditioned machine imported with the intention of commercial use

4. The imported Reconditioned machine shall be subject to inspection by the Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection under the Ministry of Industry when the Customs Department encounters the difficulty to check compliance with the specifications prescribed in this notification.

5. This Notification will enter into force after 60 days from the date of the publication.

Issue Date 2021-01-20
Legal Type Notification
Issuing Agency Ministry of Commerce
Responsible Agency Department of Trade
Updated At 2022-03-28 09:16:58

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