Notification/Newsletter No. 18/2021 concerning the changes in the list of goods that are subject to Import licensing

  1. The Department of Trade, Ministry of Commerce, in exercising the power conferred under sub-section (b) of Section 13 of the Export and Import Law, issued the Notification No. 18 /2021, dated 9 November 2021. To remedy negative impacts of the Covid -19 outbreak, to adjust the use of foreign currency, and to ensure the fair and equitable application of import licenses and administration, the list of tariff line items which are subject to import licensing shall be monitored.
  2. The list of the tariff line items that are subject to import licensing shall be published in phases to provide businesses enough time to prepare for the changes.
  3. As the 1st phase, electronic goods, some food stuff, cosmetics, consumer goods, paper products, and construction materials (1428 tariff lines at the HS 6-digit level (or) 3070 HS lines based on the 2017 Customs tariff of Myanmar (10-digit level)) shall be subject to import licensing starting from 1 January, 2022.
  4. Not only the newly published list prescribed in the above paragraph (3) but also (3931)  tariff lines (HS 10-digit level) which are provided in the list published through the Notification No.68/2020 ( shall be subject to import license starting from  1 January, 2022. All products listed in the annex of this Notification are allowed to be imported into Myanmar by land, sea, and air after obtaining an import license from the Department of Trade in line with prescribed laws, rules, and regulations.
  5. The rest of the tariff line items that are subject to import licensing will be published via notifications, in accordance with the Export and Import Law.
Issue Date 2021-11-09
Legal Type Notification
Issuing Agency Ministry of Commerce
Responsible Agency Department of Trade
Updated At 2021-11-10 09:55:08

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