Newsletter No.12/2021 concerning the temporary elimination of import licensing requirements on Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical products used in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Department of Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, issued the Newsletter No. 12/2021, dated 12-7-2021. According to the Newsletter No. 12/2021, the licensing requirements for the importation of all pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical products, including liquid oxygen used in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic will be eliminated temporarily for (3) months starting from 12-7-2021.  The list of the tariff lines of those items classified under the 2017 Customs Tariff of Myanmar is provided in the annex of the Notification No. 13/2021 (

The objective of this Newsletter is to provide support to the treatment process during the third wave of COVID-19 Pandemic. 


  • Agency Ministry of Commerce
  • Category Import/Export