Newsletter 6/2019 (Announcement to apply for registration as wholesaler /retailer according to the Notification No.23/ 2019)

The Ministry of Commerce has already issued the Notification letter 23/2019 dated 21st May 2019, notifying that 100% foreign-owned companies and joint venture companies that are conducting importation (trading) of (6) kinds of commodities, namely, fertilizer, seeds, pesticides, hospital equipments, construction materials and equipment, and machinery for agriculture must register as a wholesaler or retailer within (90) days of the notification.

According to the notification, the last date to apply for registration is 18-8-2019. Thus, those companies in the paragraph (1) will not allowed to conduct importation (trading) for said (6) kinds of commodities if they have not yet registered as the wholesalers/ retailers. However, if those companies have not yet applied for the registration as a wholesaler or retailer, they are still allowed to register as wholesalers or retailers in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Agency Department of Trade
  • Category Import/Export